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$$$ The AquaSeal Dealers Business Opportunity $$$

Have you ever wanted to be in business for your self, or be your own boss?

Well now is the best opportunity to become involved in our foundation waterproofing products.

AquaSeal DealersAquaseal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing is looking for business owners or people that want to start their own businesses, who wish to offer the best products and services to their customers, while dominating their respective market and making their business highly successful and profitable.

Many Aquaseal dealers sell, service, and install our products every day. From marketing materials and techniques to comprehensive sales training to the best installation and service practices, Aquaseal dealers have huge competitive advantages over their competition – and these advantages are constantly being refined and improved.

Aquaseal dealers have the advantage to model their business plans as they see fit to reflect our successful approach – some have been involved for a long time. We also provide through training that encompass everything from sales contact to installation of the product. Aquaseal is in the business of helping to make each and every person involved a success. As an Aquaseal dealer your path to success should be much quicker than ours, with a much-shortened learning curve.

Authorized dealers are given the rights to use all the Aquaseal’s proprietary and patented products and services, and all of the associated Trademarks and logos.

Aquaseal USA manufactures cold applied, water based, liquid rubber spray-on waterproofing membranes that have been specifically formulated for ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) and standard construction. Easy to apply. Curse to form a seamless non-deteriorating flexible rubber membrane that is both UV resistant & permanently flexible. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. with 20 year warranty.

Tar waterproofing is brittle and has no “give.” It cracks as the concrete constantly shrinks and expands, as the house settles. Similarly, tar paper and pargeting (a layer for mortal or cement) on block walls is inelastic and cracks.

Our Foundation Waterproofing liquid products are environmentally friendly, VOC compliant in all States, and a very cost effective.

“Eco-Flex is the best thing to happen to ICF waterproofing that I have found in years. I now have 4 teams doing nothing but applying Eco-Flex on ICF and poured concrete foundations. 100 times better than Peel n stick.”

~Tony Douglas – Nudura Installer

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